No service for 5 days now

  • 24 oktober 2017
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Since several days I have no network connection in the north of the Netherlands; from Amsterdam to Groningen (no service|Ben NL). If this is not fixed soon, I see no other option than to change providers.

5 reacties

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Hi 4cidburnd! I am so sorry to read that you are having troubles with the connection of your Ben simcard. I want to advise you to go trough the steps in this topic about issues with connection.
Dear Rox,

Thanks for the quick reply, I went through all steps I could (checked the map - I should be fine; tested sim card on two different android phones and but my partner, who is also a BEN client, has similar issues on her iPhone). My sim card is not blocked or anything - turning it off and on also did nothing in terms of improvement. I cannot do step 4 since I do not have a cellular network available in the first place. What to do now?

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In that case the way to go is to make a report on the 'dekkingskaart'. This way our technical department can investigate the issue for you, if your partner has the same issues with her Ben simcard you can best do it for both your phone numbers. As soon as the investigation ended you will be informed by email what the findings are and wich solution will fix the problem.
Thanks again, I followed your advice - hopefully this can be fixed soon since I really need to be reachable. I will provide an update on the proceedings.
Apologies, it seems that my sim is indeed locked for some reason. This message only popped up very briefly after rebooting my phone. However, all of the following steps are not applicable in my case:
- Heb je drie keer een verkeerde pincode ingevoerd? Voer dan de pukcode in.
- Heb je een andere mobiele telefoon? Mogelijk zit er een simlock op.
- Heb je een vervangende simkaart aangevraagd en is deze geactiveerd?
- Mogelijk is je simkaart geblokkeerd vanwege een betalingsachterstand?

My phone just stopped connecting out of the blue 5 days ago - it worked fine before that. Very puzzling to me.