Trying to end my contract

  • 25 April 2019
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I am trying to end my contract with Ben because I moved to another country.

3 reacties

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Hi. I can end your subscription with one month notice. Do you want to keep your number?
No I do not want the number. And I am trying to end the subscription and the contract for 8 months now. This the first time someone talk to me in English. I am not happy to pay every 8 month now for nothing. My Dutch friends could even not help me quieting this company. to difficult for someone who does not speak Dutch.
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Allright. I will end your contract with one month notice. I tried looking for any moments of contact but I don't see any calls or messages from you. I can understand that it would be easier to recieve help in your own language so we're trying our best. Can I do anything else for you?