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  • 22 February 2018
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I have ordered samsung j3 2017 phone. Today i have received the phone but unfortunately. I have received the samsung j3 2016 model.

Can you advise me how can i send the phone back so i can receive the phone that i have ordered.

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3 reacties

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Hi Ammarghrzlan, how fun that you have chose Ben! Welcome 😃 I see that you have ordered your phone from the Ben website itself, there we only offer the Samsung J3 2016:

So it is actually correct that you have received this model 😉
Thanks for the reply. On your website. You have two options. One for the 2016 and the other one is 2017.

I have chosen the 2017 black and the 2016 was sent to me. Even on the papers i have received. It wasnt clarified which year model. Its just mentioning samsung j3 black. If i have chosen the 2016 model. I wouldnt have contacted you for this issue.

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Hmm that is strange Ammarghrzlan i don't see a option for the 2017 model. In this case you can best contact our sales department so they can sort this out and fix this for you. You can contact them on 0800 246 24 68.