SIM Card - Still Waiting on Delivery

  • 6 December 2019
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(First off, apologies for this being in English - I am Scottish and have not yet learned enough Dutch to feel confident in using it here)

Order number: 335 960 115

Hi there,

I recently ordered on Sunday 1st December a SIM-only subscription with Ben, and was informed with a confirmation email that it would be delivered within 5 working days “by mail” (after checking your website, PostNL). 5 working days have been and gone and still no SIM card has been delivered.

Now, I know that technically it is PostNL’s responsibility to deliver it, and as it’s the festive time of year it is very busy, but naturally I am still concerned about my order. I will be going back home for the holidays in just over a week, so I really do need that SIM sooner rather than later, but absolutely before I leave.

If there is anything you can do to shed some light on this delay then I would most appreciate it - as things stand if it’s not received soon I will regrettably probably have to end up cancelling the order and move to another supplier, which I’d really rather avoid!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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Hi Stuart! How annoying that the simcard was not delivered. I can imagine that this is nog nice. Due to the malfunction. I have not been able to help you quickly, sorry for that. Has the simcard been delivered in the meantime?


It has not, no - I'm still waiting on it.

Ok, apparently my Ben subscription is now active, so it may well have just been delivered. I am currently at work though, so won'’t be able to check until I get home. Fingers crossed though!

Hi there - my SIM card has been activated, but still has not arrived. Why? When I will receive the SIM card?

And why, since it has not been delivered, can I no longer see my delivery progress on Ik Ben?

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Hi! I am sorry for the delay. We are dependent from PostNL and i am afraid they are busy because of the christmas period. I hope you will receive the simcard as soon as possible. Whenever you will get your first invoice you can contact me. Then we will pay for the days you couldn't use your subscription.