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  • 21 January 2020
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Ik heb alles geprobeerd om mijn voicemail uit te schaken maar in de praktijk blijft hij actief. Heeft iemand hier een oplossing voor?

Good Morning.

This is a copy and paste of another user.
Please, could you disconnect my answering machine too?

Thank you

5 reacties

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Hoi! Goed dat je hier contact over opneemt. Ik zag dat de voicemail uitstond, maar ik heb een kleine reset voor je uitgevoerd. Je kunt jouw toestel over een kwartier opnieuw opstarten. Laat me even weten of dit heeft mogen werken. Let er wel op dat de voicemail automatisch weer aan staat wanneer je naar je eigen nummer of de voicemail belt! Kan ik nog iets voor je betekenen?

Good morning Romy, thank you for your reply.
Yes, you can do something else for me.

I live outside Europe now, but I keep my line with Ben. On Friday 17 I had a missed call on my phone and in the app I see 0:04, I understand that it is 0:04 seconds?, I did not answer that call, I saw it on Saturday 18. I have to pay that call?, I do not had an answering machine.
On January 14, I turned on my phone and received a message from 72436, and also puts 1sms in Ben's app, I also have to pay it when this sms is the welcome message?

Now my phone is off, if I turn it on, will I see that message again and I have to pay an SMS again?

Thank you

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Hi Almugo! Thank you for responding. If you get a call in a foreign country and you don’t pick up the phone it is true that you need to pay for that. It is because the provider your using in this country is making costs for the call. However most of the costs outside of your bundle is due SMS to South-Africa. You can see this in your Ik-Ben app. 

Hi Romy.

Thank you for the information.

I know about the SMS, I have my sim set in a Nokia and I should not block the phone and I was sending messages, I know, I know

Dank U, goed weekend,

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Haha you're welcome! Jij ook bedankt!