Can’t call international numbers

  • 3 April 2019
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I am on a sim only deal and am unable to call international numbers. I am not in the first 2 months of my contract so that shouldn’t be an issue. I simply get told to contact customer service. What can I do to be able to call international numbers?

Beste antwoord door ShawnDHammond 3 April 2019, 14:59

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Thank you for your answer, Shawn. Additional information: I saw that there was a blokkade active on your simcard. I removed it. You can restart your device in 15 minutes. Let me know if it has worked!
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Make sure that the SIM you purchased is activated through "Ik Ben".

To answer your other question: If the person you are trying to contact abroad is in the EU then you should be able to call them. If the person you are trying to contact contacts you first, but keep in mind that you can only call internationally if you are in a foreign country (EU)