Cannot receive text messages when I am abroad

  • 11 December 2019
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I travel to India regularly, and I need to receive SMS messages / text messages on my phone. However, I do not receive SMS messages when my phone is in India.

My phone is able to connect to a local network, and is within range of local service provider. It may also receive phone calls, but SMS messages are not received.

What can be wrong with my configuration, and how can I fix this?


Beste antwoord door Romy 16 December 2019, 11:52

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Hi! Thank you for reaching out. It should be possible to receive SMS in India. Did you try to restart your device and search for network manually?

Hi Romy,
I am able to connect to a network automatically, but I still don’t receive SMS. Is there some specific service provider, I must connect to manually to?

Also I want to receive SMSes from the airport wifi provider, as they send an OTP over SMS to connect to the Airport WiFI. Is it possible that marks airport SMS as spam, and do not forward them to my device?


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Hi Bhaaven,


What is the number of the airport? Then I can check for you. We have six networks you can select. If you go to and select India, you will see the networks.