Tarieven in Zwitserland

  • 19 May 2024
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This came as a complete shock to me! It seems Ben charges 6 cents per MB in Switzerland. I think no other operator in NL charges extra in Switzerland. Last time I came here, I was with Simyo, and I wasn't charged extra. This time also, I am with a friend who has a “disposable” el cheapo Lebara connection, and he is also not being charged extra here. Seem like robbery to me. Meanwhile, I've been charged 30 euros for about 500mb already, and I'm on day 1 of a 7 day trip. This was really unexpected.

6 reacties

Meanwhile, I got the “welcome to Switzerland” sms with all the tarrif details today, a full 24 hours after I landed in Switzerland. I see this as a money grabbing tactic and basically it's cheating customers. In any case, I do not trust Ben anymore, and will be porting out to another provider.

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Hi @kalpik  For Ben, Switzerland is not part of the EU Zone. You can read more about it on www.ben.nl/buitenland You have also received a ''Welcome to Switzerland'' SMS from BEN with the extra costs/rates when calling or using Internet there. I would like to ask you to contact me via Mesenger or the Chat at www.ben.nl/service/contact. I'm happy to help you further.

Hi Fatima,

I understand that Switzerland is not part of the EU zone, but as far as I could see, no other provider in Netherlands charges extra for Internet access here. Why does Ben? This is why you don't expect to be charged extra. Also the welcome to Switzerland message I got was 24 hours after I landed here. So I had already used internet here before I could understand the charges.

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Hi @kalpik  We do charge additional costs for using the Ben SIM card in all countries outside the EU, so also Switzerland. Would you please contact us to discuss these additional costs together?

This is since their parent compagny T-mobile changed to Odido.

So now they are the only dutch provider charging their customers for using internet in Switserland.

Ive had the same phone number with BEN for over 10 years now and have been in switserland over 20 times and ive never been charged additional cost for data. Last time ive been in switsterland is ~2 years ago.

So good point i'll switch providers when i go there next time. 



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Hi @Leo123  I'm sorry to hear this. The charging hasn't changed since our parent company changed names. Switzerland had never been an EU Zone and had always been Zone 1. See www.ben.nl/buitenland Please contact us on Messenger of our chat on www.ben.nl/service/contact