Cancellation of contract

  • 25 June 2020
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I have never received the sim card from Ben for the following number.

[Do not share private information publicly!]


Somehow I have received two bills for the service which I have never used.


Please cancel the contract as early as possible and refund the amount listed in the bill 5.81 euros and 24 euros.


Thank you for your help.



Nuoya Chen


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Hi @cny0824! The subscription has already been canceled. You have already reversed the amount of 24 euros. You can also do this for the amount of 5.81 euros. This will also be the last amount. Have a nice day!

Dear Ben team, 

I would like to cancel my subscription, since i left the netherlands and got myself a new contract back in germany. 


Kind regard Lars 

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Hi @Lars Warnholz!

Thanks for your message. I understand you won't be using the subscription a lot if you don't live in the Netherlands anymore! I cannot help you with a cancellation through our Community. I would advise you to call our cancellation department or send a contact form for this. You can find these options on this link. I saw that you also opened a second topic about this. I deleted this one, to avoid confusion.