How can I cancel my subscription?

  • 2 March 2022
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Hi there


I’d like to cancel my subscription since I no longer live in the Netherlands and I don’t need it anymore. How can I cancel my subscription ?


Thanks in advance



Beste antwoord door Shaira 3 March 2022, 13:16

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7 reacties

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Hi @wu.tennyson! Would you rather terminate the subscription? Then you can cancel it. I use a notice period of 1 month. Please contact my customer service for this, so that I can take a look with you and process your cancellation. On working days between 9:00 and 17:00 you will be helped immediately on 0800 – 02 31 263.

Hi Merve


I live in Taiwan, so it’s too expensive to call you. Can I just cancel the subscription online? Also, what is the difference between terminating the subscription and cancelling it?



Best regards



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Hi @wu.tennyson


You can terminate the subscription by filling in the contactform. Make sure you note that you live abroad and would like to end the subscription with a month's notice. 

Within 5 business days you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. 

Hi Shaira


I have filled in the contact form you provided. I also wrote that I live abroad and would like to end the subscription with a month’s notice.


Nobody has gotten back to me in the last 7 business days. What do I do now? Why has nobody reached out to cancel my subscription? Why is this so difficult?

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Hi @wu.tennyson! That takes a very long time. I think the department is very busy. I'd like to check this for you. Can you send me your mobile number, date of birth, zip code + house number and the last 4 digits in a private message?

Hi Merve


Thanks for responding. I have sent a private message.

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Thank you, we've successfully terminated the contract and send you an e-mail to confirm so.