Cost of (Just) 10 days Early Termination

  • 12 August 2022
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I have a contract with ben SIM + phone. However, I already paid the cost of the phone completely. My contracts runs until 21 December 2022. However, due to a good offer by another SIM provider, is it possible to terminate my contract just 10-11 days before its final date?

This is because the offer I mention is only available for orders before August 14. So I want to make the end date of my contract in 4 months from August 12-13. And what will be the cost of doing this?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Good morning @yamakashici, thanks for opening the topic.

Although we’re saddened to see you go it is indeed possible to terminate your contract earlier. 

Please contact 0800 - 0231 263 about the conditions to do so. 

They are available Monday through Friday from 08:00 - 17:00. 

Great, thanks a lot for the swift answer. Can you inform me about the costs then? What do I need to pay and is there a penalty or fee?

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You're welcome!
Once you call the cancellation line they will inform you about the costs and how to go about the early cancellation.