• 8 September 2021
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Dear BEN team, 


I hope this email finds you well. I had to leave the Netherlands in July, and although I left opened my bank account for one more month, the automatic debit from BEN for July was made just 2 days after my bank account was closed. So then, I would like to ask you for help to know how I can pay this invoice. 

I really appreciate your guidance since I have been in the chat for hours and sending at least two forms, but nobody is helping me so far. 


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Hi @Luisa Gomez,

I’m sorry to hear we couldn’t help you through our chat. I will gladly help you further with more information on how you can pay this invoice.

You can transfer the open amount to our bank account NL61COBA0733974775 mentioning the payment reference or betaalkenmerk on your invoice. You can also find this reference on previous payments, it starts with 1.5..

If you have a bank account from another country, you might need our BIC-code, this is COBANL2X.

Hopefully I have helped you further, but if you have any more questions, let me know!

Hi, thank you for the information. However, my bank asked me the bank account holder’s name. Could you please provide this name? Thank you very much.  :grinning:
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Hi @Luisa Gomez! You should be able to use Ben as the holder’s name.