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  • 25 March 2022
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Hello community & staff, 


Today I have a question about a recent invoice I received for Feb, 2022. For reference, the invoice number is 908044556551. In this invoice, an extra cost of 3 euros were marked on top of basic bundles, which was labelled as Bellen / gebeldworden in het buitenland. Now, here is an important note. I am currently traveling in South Korea (came here on the first of Feb, 2022) and when I arrived I physically took out my simcard and changed it with my Korean sim card. Ever since then, I did not make any calls with my ben sim card. In the invoice, it says I had incoming calls in South Korea, each of them being very short (less than 30 seconds). However, when I compared the history of my phone call with the invoice, I can see that I didn’t have any call that lasted 0:28 seconds on the 28th of Feb which was written in the invoice. 



So this got me wondering where did this extra cost come from??? How is it possible that I was charged on my dutch number when I was using my Korean number to make calls?? Please help me understand where this suspicious call charges are coming from.  


Kind regards, 


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Hi @June, thanks for messaging me about this. If your Ben sim card is not in your phone there is no possibility that it would make a connection to receive this calls.

 Can you please send me your mobile number, date of birth, zip code + house number in a private message?