When can I call and text abroad?

  • 9 October 2017
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I am now in the Netherlands and I am trying to call a German number. It cannot go through, asking me to contact customer service. Can you give me some solutions?

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12 reacties

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Hi Boyuan, welcome in The Netherlands. What brings you here?

I see you just orderd a new simcard by us, nice! The reason you can't call to a number abroad is because you are in the first two months of your new subscription. In the first two months you can not:

  • Calling to foreign numbers from the Netherlands
  • SMS to abroad from the Netherlands
  • Calling from abroad to countries other than the Netherlands
  • Texting from abroad to countries other than the Netherlands
  • Call 0900 numbers (call to my customer service and the police)

But you can:
  • Calling and texting from abroad to Dutch numbers
  • Calls and text messages received abroad.
  • Make use of mobile internet abroad.
Ben protects you from unexpectedly high costs for internet usage abroad by means of a data limit. Click here for more information.

The above restrictions will be canceled after the first two invoices have been paid (with Bill being invoiced afterwards). In the third month that you are a customer of Ben (and you have paid two bills), the restrictions will be canceled. You can cancel these restrictions earlier if you want. How? Please read below:

If you have a Sim Only subscription or a subscription with a mobile phone that you paid at once when the subscription was deliverd, then I would like to request you to pay an advance of 100 euro. If you pay monthy for your mobile phone + subscription, you will have to pay an advance of 200 euro.

The amount can be transferred to bank account number NL61 COBA 0733.9747.75, in the name of Ben. Always mention your mobile number in the description box. Then send a proof of payment to with the subject "Advance abroad". Within 3 workdays I will remove the blockade.
Hi Angelique,

It has been two months now. I paid my bills. I still cannot call international numbers in December? Can you help me?
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Hi Boyuan, yes of course! I changed some settings on your sim card. Can you please restart your phone? After this you should be able to call abroad.
Hi I am facing the same trouble of not able to call able to call to other EU countries. Please help me with this issue.
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Hi! I see that you allready had contact with my colleagues and that they fixed this for you. I wish you a nice weekend!
Hi to everybody, same here, I am now at the fourth bill but I still cannot call abroad.
I would be glad for some help.

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Hi! I changed some settings on your sim card. Can you please restart your phone? After this you should be able to call abroad.

Hello, I also have the same problems, and have had my phone for over 2 years already. Can you please assist?

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Hi Ronald. I would like tot take a look with you, but I can't see your personal details. Is it possible to send me your phone number, local code+housenumber, date of birth and last 4 digits of your IBAN account via private message? Then I can reset your simcard. 

Same issue here. I tried calling a UK number and the message instructed me to call customer service. I have used my sim card for almost 2 years.

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Hi @Borjana! Thank you for your message.  Could you also send us a private message through the link my colleague send in the previous message with your phone number, postal code + house number, date of birth and the last four digits of your IBAN code? We will be able to check both your settings for this!

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Hi Borjana. Thank you for sharing the personal details. Your simcard was blocked for international calls. I removed it for you. You can restart your device in 15 minutes. Let me know it this has worked!