• 24 June 2019
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I was just looking at this deal.

I will be a student joining Hanze university in Groningen. I will be traveling from outside The Netherlands and will be my 1st time in The Netherlands. I went through your website and request for your assistance.

1) Do I need to recharge it myself every month or will this amount get deducted every month automatically?

2) Do I have an option to stop or change the deal anytime during these 24 months or am stuck with this plan for 24 months.

3) If I order this online how do I receive the SIM card. Do I need to collect it from somewhere or can I collect it from the airport when I reach.

4) I will use the Intenet only in a few places mostly while traveling to find my way on Google Maps. I guess most places like the university and my accommodation will have Internet available. Would 3GB a month be sufficient or will I need less / more. Just requesting for your opinion.

Appreciate your replies. Thank you.

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Hi! I'm sorry for the delayed answer. Good that you are looking for information. You don't need to charge it every month. We will do that automatically. If you don't want to be stuck for 24 months maybe you can choose for a monthly subscription. This will also be automatically charged. You will recieve the simcard at the adres you're giving us.
Thank you for your reply Romy. Very much appreciated.