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  • 19 September 2022
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I left the Netherlands about a month ago and changed SIM cards to one for the country I’ve moved to. I just would like verification that my account with Ben is cancelled and I won’t be charged.




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7 reacties

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Hi Rachel! Welcome. You can cancel your subscription via contactform. You can find it by 

I’m not on social media so I can’t contact Ben via that and since I no longer live in the Netherlands I want to avoid international call fees. Is it possible to do it another way?

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Yes you can do it via contactform. That's not the Social Media. 

Hi, I was told I cancelled my Ben account but since discarding my SIM at the end of August, moving the country and getting a new provider I have been charged EVERY MONTH SINCE. I’ve put the charges below:

September: 64.61

October: 14

November: 14

December: 10.26


How can I officially delete my Ben account and get reimbursed for the charges? I don’t understand how I’m still being charged when I cancelled my account and threw away my SIM.

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Hi @rachelmchilder 


Sorry to hear this!  Please contact us via our chat channel on so that we can help you further with this problem! We hope to hear from you very soon! 



Your chat channel is programmed for Dutch only. Is there ANY other way of cancelling my subscription and getting a refund for charges??

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Hi @rachelmchilder, thanks for your message!

Please contact the cancellation line on 0800 0231263 so my collegue can help you with figuring everything out.