New SIM not arrived but number porting anyway

  • 26 December 2023
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Hi there,

I ordered a new SIM with Ben. My online profile says it has been delivered, however I have not received the SIM card. I also got a text today to my old sim saying that my number will be ported tomorrow - however I don’t have the new SIM card. Also, I was relying on the number porting taking a month (what the company told me) so this is also inconvenient for it to happen sooner.

Can I please be sent a new sim and delay number porting by a few days?




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Good afternoon @Emily,

Thanks for opening this topic.

Due to the holidays we were not able to respond any sooner. You should receive the sim within 5 business days.

Like stated before, there were holidays in between these business days. Christmas and New Years there is no postal delivery service. 

Please let me know if you haven't received the sim yet and sent me your information in a private message.  your name, date of birth, zip code + house number and order number.