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  • 6 April 2020
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Hi there


I am trying to set up my voicemail, but the instructions are in Dutch. From what little Dutch I understand it seems like the set up process is 2 parts:

  1. Create a new password between 4 - 7 numbers in length
  2. Record your voicemail introduction message

When I tried to input a 4 number password nothing happened. After a while the automated voice repeated itself and asked me to input a password.


Am I supposed to press something else after I input a password? Or have I misunderstood part of the process to set up my voicemail?



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Thanks again to the staff at Ben for helping with this matter.


For any future users who are not yet good at Dutch like me, the process to set up the voicemail is:

  1. After the introduction and explanation there will be a loud beep to let you set your numerical password. It must be 4 - 7 digits long. When you have typed a password with the keypad, press #.
  2. Then you will be asked to record your voicemail introduction. After the beep, say what you would like to say and then press #. Then your message to anyone who leaves a voicemail will be played back to you. Then press 1 if you want to record a new version or press 2 to confirm that is the version you want.

Then your voicemail should be set up and it should start playing the messages people left you.


The above should be correct as at 7 April 2020. Of course the process may change in the future, in which case you might as well ask to have the voicemail language changed to English over here:


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Hi Wu. Tennyson. Thank you for getting back at us at this topic. Thank you for writing it in English, this will be very helpfull to our English customers!