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  • 1 December 2023
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(Sorry for posting in English, as I am not a Dutch speaker.)


Hello Ben Community,

I hope this post finds you well. I am writing to bring attention to a feature that many of us, as users of the Ben network, have been anticipating - Visual Voicemail. This feature has become a standard offering among many mobile operators, and its absence on Ben is quite noticeable (at least for me).


What is Visual Voicemail? Visual Voicemail is a feature that allows users to see a list of their voicemail messages and choose which ones to listen to or delete, directly from their device, without having to dial a voicemail number. It provides a visual interface for managing voicemail messages, making the process more intuitive and user-friendly. For iOS users, this feature is built directly in the Phone app.

What Good/Convenience Does Visual Voicemail Bring? Visual Voicemail brings several advantages and conveniences to users. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Efficiency: Users can quickly scan through voicemail messages and prioritize which ones to listen to first. Visual Voicemail provides a visual representation of voicemail messages, making it easier to manage and organize them.
  2. User-Friendly: The visual interface is more intuitive. Also, since the feature is built in most smartphone, it can be displayed in the native language the user has chosen. No more hassle on voicemail setup process.

Competitors Already Have Visual Voicemail: It’s worth noting that many of Ben’s competitors, such as KPN, and Youfone, have already implemented Visual Voicemail as a standard feature. Ben’s parent company, Odido, also has this feature built-in, and Visual Voicemail is now considered a standard offering.

It Will Be a Huge Convenience If This is Possible: Implementing Visual Voicemail on the Ben network would undoubtedly be a significant convenience for all users. In addition to aligning Ben with industry standards, it would enhance the overall user experience and make managing voicemail messages a much smoother process.


Thank you for your attention and support, and if you would like this feature to be added to Ben network, please post below and let Ben know!


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Hi @mitten, thanks for your detailed proposal as of now it's not on Ben's schedule to be added to the services that Ben provides but i'll make sure to bring this to the developers attention for the future!